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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Auburn

Wisdom Teeth Surgery & Extraction In Auburn

Various people suffer from different teeth problems. Wisdom teeth surgery is a medical procedure which is used to extract wisdom teeth. Once you visit your dental expert, he or she may suggest you go for wisdom teeth extraction. But you may be confused about why you need teeth extraction when they are not in pain.

Generally, the human mouth is designed to take in 28 teeth and in some cases, when 32 teeth try to make space for them, then it can become painful and crowded. These last four teeth, known as wisdom teeth, are the third molars. Wisdom teeth grow up in the later age of an individual, and they are more often to show up when an individual is in their late teens. 

Sometimes, the wisdom teeth can grow correctly, and if the gum tissue is strong, then there is no need for teeth extraction. But this happens only in rare cases. They can make their way from the side and can be completely infected or even never comes out of the bone. Whenever you feel these conditions, then we can say that your teeth are affected, and you need wisdom teeth surgery or extraction.

We at Unique Dental in Auburn offer professional teeth service to the patients. We have experienced team of dental experts who are always there to treat your problems related to teeth. The oral surgeons of Unique Dental are experienced and have gone through specialized training in the careful extraction of wisdom teeth. 

Why do you need wisdom teeth surgery?

Wisdom teeth can origin a range of issues when they don’t have adequate space to grow effectively. Following are a few teeth related issues which can cause by wisdom teeth:

  • Infections
  • Development of cysts and tumors
  • Gum disease
  • Pain and tenderness near the tooth sites
  • Damage to neighboring teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Bone loss
  • Dental crowding and shifting

Before choosing to remove your wisdom teeth, our expert dental specialist will examine the situation of your teeth and your mouth. Furthermore, they can also ask to take an x-ray to know the development pattern of your wisdom teeth. 

The wisdom teeth surgery is not restricted to any specific age group. So, if you are feeling any sensational pain in your teeth, then you should visit our dental expert team today in Auburn. They will carefully examine your problem and provide treatment accordingly!

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