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    Dentists expert at working with children at affordable prices in Merrylands
    Unique Dental has all the necessary dental gear and expertise to service growing children of all ages. Our team is not only fully capable and qualified, but they are also friendly and will put your child quickly at ease in the dental chair. Because children's teeth don't require expensive treatment, in general, we offer dental care solutions for children at affordable prices.
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    A growing child's teeth and gums require special care. It is crucial to teach children about oral health and the importance of clean teeth especially given how much sweet foods children have access to these days. Sweet, sugary foods that can damage their teeth. Regular visits at Unique Dental will not only ensure your child's dental health but will also teach them lifelong lessons of maintaining their oral hygiene. The Unique Dental team, through regular dental visits, keeps a close eye on the growing pattern of your child's teeth. Our vigilance for detecting teeth related problems early is considered exemplary by our patients and their families. We can identify and cure minor dental ailments before they become a cause of greater concern for you and your child.
    Affordable dentist services
    We know how precious your child's smile is now and into the future. So we have specially compiled a comprehensive set of dentist services for your child. Some of these services include:
    Oral Cleaning & Examination:
    One of the most basic dentist services for children, it will enable your child to adapt to regular teeth cleaning. Regular oral cleaning and examination will also help us to treat issues with your child’s teeth growth, early. Most commonly, natural pits and fissures are identified through these examinations and treated before they become a cause of oral and or dental diseases.

    Mouth Guards:
    For healthy development, games and physical activities are very important for a child. However, proper protection against potential injuries is also necessary. Unique Dental can provide hygienic and perfectly fitting mouth guards for your kids so that they can enjoy their P.E. classes, sports and physical activities, without causing any serious and or lifelong injury to their teeth. We offer custom mouth guards at affordable prices.
    Crooked teeth are a problem that becomes noticeable from an early age. Apart from that, crowding (stacking) of teeth in a short space or large gaps between teeth also becomes a cause of worry for parents. Unique Dental offers various orthodontic solutions for children in Merrylands at very affordable prices, including braces. The growing nature of children’s teeth makes them the perfect candidate for braces. Teeth straightening can be achieved quicker and with very minimal pain when done early. Gums and adjoining tissues will also adjust themselves far more quickly. Save money and time by bringing your kids into Unique Dental for the perfect orthodontic treatment.

    Sometimes when a cavity is not treated on time, it can reach the pulp of the tooth causing inflammation. If that inflammation is left untreated, it can lead to an abscess. Unique Dental offers the best pulpotomy treatment for your child. We will remove the infected pulp from the jaw and seal off the teeth to hinder any further growth of infection. Proper sterilisation will be performed to make sure that infection doesn’t appear again.
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    Unique Dental welcomes you and your children for the best dental treatment in Merrylands. Fill out this online form now and tell us what dental problems your child is experiencing. We will ensure that all your child's dental needs are catered for.

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