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    TMJ Disorder

    Providing Pain – Relief From TMJ in Merrylands

    Unique Dental: Finest Dentist Service For TMJ Treatment In Merrylands

    Unique Dental is a dental service devoted to cater for all of your oral and dental problems. Temperomandibular Joint (TMJ) connects a skull and Lower jaw. It means that every time you take a bite, chew or even talk, this joint has to move and adjust itself accordingly. Sometimes, there is slight misalignment in these two bones due to similar joint. This can cause pain in areas like neck, jaw, face and in severe cases it can cause migraines and headaches.We can cure this TMJ disorder with our top of the line dentist services in Merrylands. Some of the times, a patient is even unaware of this condition. They will complain about severe headaches or chewing pains. But they will be completely oblivious that what the actual cause of their discomfort is. So avail our services now instead of self-medication. We will identify that whether you suffer from a TMJ disorder or not. Most common symptoms faced by a person suffering from TMJ disorder are:
    • Difficulty in Taking Bites
    • Facial Pains
    • Clicking in Jaw Joint
    • Ear Pain
    • Migraines
    • Lockjaw
    • Mouth Opening Becomes Painful

    Perfect TMJ Treatment Available In Merrylands

    Problems and pains related to TMJ are sophisticated and complex. It requires not only trained professional for proper prognosis, but only qualified dentist service to cure this agonising ailment. Unique Dental has a qualified team of professionals that is fully equipped to treat your TMJ disorder. We run professional checkups and diagnosis techniques to pin point the exact nature and extent of damage caused in TMJ of our patients. TMJ disorder can be divided into 3 major types. This categorisation depends upon the pain and irritation it causes to a patient.

    Myofascial pain:

    Commonly found among patients suffering from TMJ disorder in Merrylands. It is the designated pain felt in muscles controlling various functions of jaws, neck and shoulder.

    Internal Derangement:

    Dislocation or displacement of a disc controlling the motion of TMJ. It can also be caused by an injury to Condyle.

    Degenerative Disease:

    A disease commonly found in joints like Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis appearing in TMJ. Our team of dentists at Unique Dental is perfectly capable to provide satisfactory treatment for all kinds of TMJ disorders. We will identify the proper path of treatment within a tentative time period. With our special expertise in the field of dentistry, we can guarantee you a service that will be worth your time and money.

    What Actually Causes a TMJ Disorder?

    There are various reasons that can play their part in causing a TMJ disorder. They vary from patient to patient. Some of them are:

    • Injury
    • Grinding of teeth
    • Mental or physical fatigue
    • Missing teeth
    • Broken Teeth
    • Stacking of Teeth
    • Improperly fixed dentures
    • Imperfect crowns & Bridges

    Various Options Available For Treatment of TMJ In Merrylands

    Unique Dental is not limited to any single method of cure for TMJ. We offer range of treatment methods suiting the individual needs of our patients. We understand the huge discomfort and pain that is caused by a malfunctioning TMJ. Some of the treatments that are conducted with perfection at our dental facility for TMJ are

    Physical Therapy:

    Minor cases of TMJ can easily be treated by a suitable physical therapy.

    Night Guard Therapy:

    We can also offer customised solutions in the form of Night Guards. They can help a patient suffering from TMJ disorder to stop grinding his or her teeth while sleeping.

    Apart from that, orthognathic surgery is also a viable option for treatment TMJ disorder. But they are only adopted in the most severe cases where other methods of cure become useless.


    We promise to deliver top of the line treatment with help of our latest dental equipment and highly admired staff of dentist.

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