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    Teeth Whitening

    Brightening up your teeth with teeth whitening in Merrylands

    Unique Dental: Get a confident smile with teeth whitening

    Everyone yearns for a sparkling smile, but this can be difficult to achieve if you don’t have perfectly white teeth. Pale white or yellow coloured teeth can make people lose confidence in their smile. Unique Dental can help you get that confidence back in your smile. No matter what your age or colour of your teeth, our whitening service will complete this duty with perfection. There are hundreds of patients whose social and professional lives have been completely changed as a result of our proud services. We promise instantaneous and effective results, that none of our competitors can offer.

    What causes your teeth to lose colour?

    There are two main reasons why teeth lose colour:
    • External reasons
    • Biological reasons

    External Reasons:

    External reasons include all those substances that come in contact with our teeth. For example:
    • Tobacco smoking
    • Caffeine based drinks like coffee and tea
    • Wine
    • Food
    Sometimes, these substances even yield stains that damage a smile. Some research has even concluded that natural items like orange and carrot can also lead to discoloration.

    Biological Reasons:

    • Natural ageing process
    • Genetics
    • Frequent use of antibiotics can lead to stains on teeth
    • Long periods of fluoride exposure
    • Uncanny growth
    • Dental decay
    • Problems related to the dental pulp
    • Extreme levels of stress

    How do we offer teeth whitening service?

    Unique Dental offers teeth whitening services with guaranteed durable results. Our team of dentists has years of experience in bleaching teeth. We use a certified whitening agent that has no side effects on your oral or overall health. We use a whitening gel that acts against organic substances that may have stained or changed the colour of your teeth. The whitening solution is kept on your teeth for a period of time. We may also use heat or light on the teeth to trigger the whitening action of the gel. Unique Dental takes proper care not to whiten the teeth so much that there is a stark contrast between your teeth and fillings or porcelain based materials in your mouth.

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    Unique Dental is the most ideal dental service provider in Merrylands for Teeth Whitening services. We offer various packages based upon your individual whitening needs and we believe that our services are surely worth a shot.

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