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Best Dental Gear for Restorative Dentistry in Town

Unique Dental possesses state of the art dental equipment and the latest dental technologies. Performing dental procedures becomes entirely risk free. Whether you require a whitening service for your teeth, or you are looking for lip filling, you can come to us without worrying about the side effects. Visit our clinic for quality primary dental care and maintenance of your oral health.

Our Qualified Doctors

Our Qualified Doctors

We at Unique Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on our highly trained, highly experienced, professional and friendly team.

Cosmetic and Dental Services

Cosmetic and Dental Services

At Unique Dental Clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of services such as Dental and Cosmetic services.

Book an Appointment

Book an Appointment

Please submit a booking request so that one of our friendly staff can call you to discuss your needs and arrange an appointment time that suits you.

Preventive Dentistry Service within Your Budget

Unique Dental considers its responsibility to dispense dental services that are effective and affordable at the same time. We have designed our services in a manner so that you can have sparkling teeth without paying unbelievable amount of money for those teeth. Tailored Packages are available to suit your budgetary limits. Ripping off our clients with services that are least effective, is not just how we operate at Unique Dental.

A Dental Service Where You Come First

We offer various services to our clientele based in Merrylands. From simple dental filling to complex Jaw restoration, we can provide you with all kind of Dental Solutions based on your individual needs. Proper Consultation is done and complete dental analysis through X-Ray is conducted to advise the right treatment for dental restoration. We leave nothing on chance and plan up for every contingency. With us, you are guaranteed with results because we value your trust in our services.

Get Perfect Smile from Merrylands Leading Dentist

Unique Dental possesses state of the art dental equipment and the latest in dental technologies. This enables us to promise the best service standards to our clients. Performing dental procedures becomes entirely risk free with our exceptional and top of the line equipment. So, whether you require a whitening service for your teeth or you are looking for a lip filling service, you can come to us without worrying about the side effects.

Customer Satisfaction

Unique Dental is proud to have created a dedicated customer base who rely on our dental services. This has been made possible with our sheer dedication towards customer satisfaction. We put our best efforts to satisfy each and every need of our patients. We give proper attention to even the smallest detail so that the entire dental or cosmetic procedure is executed in a smooth and flawless manner.

Durable and Long Lasting Services

Unique Dental is famous for the longevity and enduring nature of its dental procedures. No matter what kind of dental treatment is exercised, results remain effective for relatively longer period of time, than other dentist services in Merrylands. We not only use the best available material, but we also advise appropriate measures to ensure permanence of dental treatment procedures.

Your Search for a Reliable and Exceptional Dentist Service near Merrylands Road in Merrylands ends with Unique Dental!

We are the best at what we do. We claim only what we can deliver. So contact us and tell us all about your dental problems and we will make sure all those problems are fixed without any further ado.

Don’t wait for toothache to see your Dentist!

Our Services

General Dentistry

We provide a high level of service and care for all general dentistry needs. Comprehensive Oral Health Preventive dentistry…

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Cosmetic Treatments

We offer injectable facial treatments in the following areas: Facial rejuvenation with Fillers and Muscle relaxants Dermal fillers and…

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Meet our Medical Professionals

Our doctors are professional and well- trained at their job. They stand by what they do.

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What patients say About Unique Dental

  • I have to admit I was a bit wary walking in, but then the old saying looks are deceiving is generally right for Unique Dentistry. I'm so surprised at how quick it was to remove 2 of my teeth 10 seconds people....and in my experience with teeth removal that is quick, and it goes without saying pain free. The only time spent really was waiting for the anesthetic to kick in 15mins for the first needle, which prepares your mouth and gums for the 4-5 other injections....truthfully I can't remember how many there were I just know there were more than 3 and the only 1 really to give me pain was the one in the roof of my mouth....thats it people. I would highly recommend Unique Dental for there experience and there, tell you how it really is and what you need to do for your own well being regarding your teeth (which can be a bit confronting for some people). Trust me go you won't regret it. Cost'....dame who thinks of that when your in pain.. money worries is the lest of your problems remember, your there for your teeth and to rid yourself of pain.

  • Highly recommend this dentist for anyone who gets as nervous as I do before these visits. I’ve been seeing her for 24 years now! She is VERY understanding, and very gentle. Everything is explained well to you.

  • unique dental was recommended by my aunty and by listening to her and going is honestly the best thing i’ve ever done, the staff are amazing and the results are even more amazing, i couldn’t be more happier with the way my teeth turned out

  • I had a very special case when I first visited Dr. Faddoul and explained my case in details and she referred me to another specialist because it was so complicated and she wanted me to preserve my tooth. After I visited 2 specialists with different views I came back to her after receiving the report. It was so complicated scenario and After thoroughly assessment from Dr. Faddoul she was able to get to the root cause of my problem and treated me for good and now I am not feeling pain anymore and feeling far better than before. Still under few observations until we reach the ultimate solution. I highly recommend Dr. Faddoul for serious cases when you are in serious pain.

  • UNIQUE DENTAL is a great place to go, I have been go here for over 21 yrs, my family for 18 yrs, never had any issues ever, UNIQUE DENTAL gives you value for money and the best advice in the area. there is no one better.

  • I first visited Unique dental in August for a wisdom tooth extraction, I was so nervous and scared, but the dentist and staff were so great. They explained the whole procedure to me.I was shaking on the dentist chair, but I felt better after talking to the dentist. I barely felt any pain, both during and after the extractions. I am now taking my family there too, would highly recommend to anyone who has a fear of needles or dentists in general once you go to Unique Dental in Merrylands, your fear will be gone. I thank everyone at Unique dental for their Patience and time.

  • After a traumatic experience at the age of 2, with an after hours/weekend dentist I was taken to Unique Dental. Dr Faddoul was amazing! Her approach and caring nature towards me put me at ease. Dr. Faddoul has always been very welcoming towards me and visiting Unique Dental is like seeing family. I have been going to Unique Dental for 14 years, not only has Dida done general dental care for me, but also 2 forms of orthodontics (I am currently undergoing clear path) which have helped me to feel confident about my smile. I absolutely adore Dr Faddoul and her team, in particular Vivienne and Kosta. They are all very professional, supportive and thoroughly explain all treatments to make sure I am comfortable - I have nothing but trust in Dida’s work and expertise, and essentially would not feel comfortable with anyone else. Thank you for your patience, dedication and exceptional dental care towards me Dida, I greatly appreciate it, and appreciate you.

  • Amazing team, amazing dentist! Coming from someone that has a massive phobia of needles, I am still shocked at how easy and pain free it was getting a wisdom tooth removed! (Ps, they’ll even hold your hand if you’re nice!!) Thanks to the entire team over at Unique, can’t wait for my other two to come out so I can see you again! :)

  • Unique Dental is a dental practice that I consider in the highest regard. Being a patient of this clinic for as long as I can remember, I have always valued the dental expertise offered by Dr Faddoul and her staff. I had my wisdom teeth removed today and it was a comfortable and pleasant experience! A big thank you to the clinic for their assurance and support.

  • If I could give more than 5 stars I would. The best dental experience in my life. I came here for a second opinion about a sore tooth. Dr Faddoul was honest and upfront, she saved me hundreds of dollars and fixed the problem.

  • Unique Dental was recommended to me by a work colleague.....I couldn't be happier. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. Everything is always so easy and friendly. I highly recommend Unique Dental to everyone!!

  • I have only ever used one dentist besides Dr Faddoul, and it was only because I was living interstate. She is fantastic, makes you feel at ease and doesn't put pressure on you! She is definitely worth seeing!

  • My son is so anxious when it comes to teeth. Dr Faddfoul and her staff were so patient and supportive of him that he had his fillings done perfectly. She used a gas to sedate him and she was able to complete the work. Dr Faddoul is such a professional with a lot of expertise and knowledge. Her staff are commended for their professionalism and support.

  • Unique Dental has been our family dentist for 23 years. I have complete trust in their work and they know how to care for their customers.

  • I would highly recommend dr faddoul to everybody . Not only was she amazing but every single staff member was also ! After my husband and mother had been raving about her I took our 4 children who absolutely adored all the staff ! My eldest hates the dentist yet he felt very relaxed and left going on about her and how it didn't hurt ! 5 stars isn't even enough for them all.

  • I have a very big fear of the dentist . I was recommended by my son in law and from the second I walked in I felt at ease . Not only are they so friendly and gentle their prices are also fantastic. Now my whole family goes there and I would recommend them very highly !!

  • I have known Dr Faddoul more than 15 years and I highly recommend her to anyone. Not only does she provides top quality work, but she truly cares for her patients. Also her staff have excellent customer service, especially Vivian.

  • Dr Faddoul is a very caring dentist. Her team are great at helping you care for your teeth. When you need work done, Dr Faddoul is patient and her team make you feel relaxed. Kosta is a great asset to her already excellent team. I would recommend anyone who needs dental work done to contact her.

  • I have been a patient for 20 years . From the very start I felt so welcomed by the practice team . Dr Faddoul is very easy to approach and a professional . She explains ur treatment very well . She is very gentle , competent and caring. She ensures ur always comfortable during procedures . I am extremely happy with the service . My best of regards to the team for ur excellent customer service . Thanks to the staff and Dr Faddoul you are a star ! I couldn't be happier and recommend ur work to anyone :)

  • I am really thankful to the dentist here for doing a such a great job in town.

  • I neede to get a small dental surgery done and I was scared to death. The dentist here was just so calm and patient. He extracted my tooth in no time and I felt no pain at all. At the end of it, I felt so stupid making a fuss over nothing. I am really thankful to the dentist here for doing a such a great job.

  • Dr Faddoul is one of the best I have had the pleasure of being a patient, totally recommend her to anyone looking for quality dental care - PKC (Guildford)

  • Dr Faddoul is seriously the best dentist I've ever visited in *any* country throughout the world. Not only is she very honest, caring, and upfront, but completely pain-free.. hell, I didn't even feel the needles going in.