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    Laughing Gas
    Unique Dental takes your dental nightmares away
    Do you suffer from dental fears or anxieties? Unique Dental offers conscious sedation dental treatments. You will be awake and able to see the procedure, but without feeling anxious. We promise you can get the smile you have been dreaming of.
    Safe and adjustable
    Laughing gas, also known as happy gas, relative analgesia and or nitrous oxide, is the most convenient sedation for dental procedures. The laughing gas has no colour, smell or cause irritation. We use modern inhalation sedation equipment which is completely safe and adjustable and will help you stay relaxed during your dental treatment. You can control the concentration of gas to suit your comfort level.
    Laughing gas causes sedation and distraction from the pain of dental procedures
    Laughing gas is fast acting and non invasive. Within 2 to 3 minutes of inhaling the gas, you may experience a tipsy-like feeling, the desire to giggle, sedation and distraction from the dental procedure. Once you stop inhaling the gas, the effects are eliminated after 5 minutes. Laughing gas works like a charm every time.
    Get your ideal smile with our dental treatment

    For a simple and convenient dental procedure, we welcome you to one of the best dental clinics in the city. You can get your ideal smile without any fear, discomfort and anxiety. Book an appointment today at: Merrylands:02 98972705

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