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    Get the Best Dental Fillings In Merrylands for Your Family

    Unique Dental – Your Preferred Choice For Dental Fillings

    A dental filling is one of the most common and trusted ways of restoring tooth cavities and decay. Unique Dental is one of the leading professional dental fillers in Merrylands. We use the latest dental gear to make the process of filling, painless and seamless. We are proud to offer services that are not only flawless but are also cost effective.

    A Cavity Or Fractured Tooth, Unique Dental Is The Reliable Dental Filler

    Unique Dental has vast experience in dental filling. We use the best filling materials available. Complete care is taken to avoid damaging healthy teeth when damaged teeth are removed. We follow professional procedures to ensure smooth fillings. This involves:
    • Proper consultation regarding the nature of the filling and the most suitable filling material
    • Use of local anesthesia to make the filling process pain free
    • Careful removal of teeth that are decayed, injured or fractured
    • Proper washing of teeth surface with antibiotic solution
    • Drying the teeth to make the filling smooth and solid
    • Filling the cavity with your chosen material
    • Contouring the filling to give it a natural look
    Unique Dental promises durable fillings that will last for years to come. The durability of fillings is dependent on the following factors:
    • The material used in filling
    • Location of teeth requiring filling
    • How well your oral health is maintained
    • Your diet
    • Size of the teeth filled
    We will recommend you on how to look after your filling so that it can be a permanent solution for you. This may include regular visits to us so that we can check your filling’s condition and to prevent further decay.

    Different kinds of fillings

    Unique Dental offers the following kinds of high-quality filling services:

    Direct Fillings:

    These are suitable for cavities that don’t need much repair. Direct fillings are often made out of silver amalgam, several ionomers and a resin based composite filling. A single visit is enough for placing these fillings.

    Indirect Fillings:

    Indirect fillings are often made from metal alloys, ceramics and composites. This kind of filling typically requires more than one visit. They are completed with the help of inlays, onlays and veneers.

    Our team is highly skilled with a vast amount of hands on experience in all major dental procedures. Trust only Unique Dental to get rid of decaying teeth and get perfectly shaped and seamlessly coloured fillings.

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