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Mini Dental Implants

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Unique Dental: Best dental service for mini implants

Modern dental technology has revolutionised the way teeth are treated nowadays. Mini implants are one of those changes. Mini implants provide foundations for dentures and other false teeth to make up for missing or broken teeth. Hundreds of our patients have opted for mini implants and have been very satisfied with the results.

What is a mini dental implant?

A mini dental implant not only provides a perfect platform for false teeth, but it can also provide necessary foundational supports for dentures, especially lower dentures. It has a narrow diameter and is made out of biocompatible titanium alloy.

Types of mini implants available at Unique Dental

Unique Dental has been servicing its clients with 2 kinds of mini implants. Just like a regular sized implant, each type of mini implant serves an entirely different purpose. These types are:

  • Implant with an O ring:

    Four of these implants are required to stabilise a denture. These implants allow you to have a thinner denture and can be attached at the same time a new denture is fitted.

  • Implant with a locator:

    Only two implants with a locator are required to stabilise a denture. These implants are an efficient and effective upgrade from the implant with an O ring.  They enable the fusion of bones and thus have an impressive success rate. Cleansing of dentures doesn’t become a problem because there is no penetrable space available for food. It also allows the use of dentures that are not prone to fracturing.

Unique Dental is a dedicated service provider in Merrylands with a commitment to excellence. We adapt to latest technology to provide flawless dental service to our customers. Our certified staff of dentists can have these mini implants fixed into your mouth. We aspire to fix these tiny implants with perfection.

Benefits of mini implants

There are several benefits with using mini implants:

  • Perfect for placement in narrow jaws
  • Allows space for jaw grafting
  • Affordable denture placement
  • Lesser irritation for denture fixing
  • Very small to no incision required

Unique Dental promises its clients top of the line dental treatment. With the help of the latest dental gear and the passion to serve, we become the most reliable dentist service in Merrylands. Get an appointment at your earliest convenience. Don’t suffer in pain. Come to our dental clinic and consult our certified team. Get recommendations for appropriate treatment by a dental professional with years of experience. We will provide you with pitch perfect placements of dentures, crowns & bridges with the help of mini implants without any irritation.

Unique Dental also assures you that only the top quality titanium implants will be provided to our clients. No compromise on the quality of alloys will be allowed because we understand the risks that are involved in using a substandard mini implant.

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