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Sleep Dentistry Professional In Westmead

Dental treatments can sometimes get painful causing a lot of discomfort to patients. Uncomfortable patients move around during their dental treatments that may hamper the treatment. At times, anxiety levels and phobia of dental treatments may prevent patients to undergo necessary treatments. For treating such patients and reduce discomfort to patients, at Unique Dental in Westmead, we have sleep dentistry that is also referred to as Sedation Dentistry.

Under this manner of treatment, dentists administer the sedation before or during a dental procedure so that the patient is rendered unconscious for the duration of the procedure. Sometimes, dentists employ general anesthesia that brings the entire body to unconsciousness or sometimes they employ local anesthesia so that only the mouth is made numb.

Some advantages that a Sleep Dentistry treatment offers are:

  • Comfort – Sleep dentistry reduces the discomfort related to long and painful procedures
  • Safety – Dentists use only proven and safe anesthetics and can be assured that they use the    safest equipment possible
  • Time effectiveness – Since patients do not feel the pain during long procedures, there is a reduced resistance for procedures. Hence, treatments that require multiple sittings could be done in one session preventing multiple visits to the dentist

To get treatments done through sleep dentistry, you must first mention all the possible allergies and other medical issues with the dentist so that the right kind of sedation can be given to prevent any potential side-effects or reactions.

There are multiple ways to administer anesthesia during Sleep Dentistry. Some of the widely used options are:

  • Nitrous Oxide – This is a gas that helps you relax during dental procedures. The effect of this gas lasts for a short time and wears off rather quickly.
  • Oral Sedatives – Typically, an hour before the dental procedure is set to begin, you take an oral sedative that helps patients relax during the treatment,
  • IV (Intravenous) sedatives – Under this option, either general anesthesia or local anesthesia is given through injections depending on the requirement.

Some procedures where Unique Dental, Westmead offers to use Sleep Dentistry are:

  • fillings
  • crowns
  • multiple extractions
  • removal of wisdom teeth
  • implant placements

Administering anesthesia is a specialised task and hence requires educational training and qualifications. Unique Dental is one of the few places in Westmead to be qualified and certified by the relevant authorities to administer anesthesia.

One can be assured that one can get the best possible treatment at Unique Dental, Westmead, especially through Sleep Dentistry.

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