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    Sleep Dentistry Parramatta

    Painless Sleep Dentistry In Parramatta

    In general, patients dread going to the dentist. The fear of dental pain during dental treatments, the phobia of having a foreign material in our mouths lead to a lot of anxiety and apprehension. At Unique Dental in Parramatta, we use the modern sleep dentistry to cause the least amount of discomfort for patients. We aim to keep the patient comfortable when undergoing a dental treatment thereby visiting a dentist a pleasant and happy experience.

    At our dental clinic in Parramatta, we have identified the procedures and treatments where a patient experiences discomfort and have found ways to alleviate pain through sleep dentistry. This method is also referred to as sedation dentistry wherein dentists numb the tooth and adjacent area under treatment so that patients experience little to no discomfort.

    At our Dental Clinic in Parramatta, some of the following treatments are carried out using sleep dentistry procedures:

    • Tooth extractions
    • tooth removal
    • Oral surgeryWisdom
    • Implant placement
    • Periodontal surgery like bone grafting
    • Root canal treatment
    • Emergency dental surgery

    Our dentists take care that the tooth under treatment and the adjacent area is completely numbed before performing any procedure.

    We use modern equipment and techniques to perform all types of sleep dentistry procedures including the application of sedatives. We offer different levels of sedatives depending on the kind of pain a person can endure, the kind of procedure needed to be carried out, the anxiety level of a patient and the patient preference.

    Nitrous Oxide also called laughing gas is the most commonly used sleep dentistry sedative. You inhale this gas through a mask placed on your nose. Inhalation of nitrous gas makes you feel relaxed within minutes. This is generally used for kids and minor procedures where the level of pain is not to extreme.

    For moderate levels of pain, we generally use the oral sedative technique wherein a patient must take a pain-killer pill before a dental procedure. This makes you deeply relaxed and unaware of the treatment. We use a combination of oral sedative and local anesthesia to perform procedures that cause moderate levels of pain.

    For treatments where extreme pain is involved, we provide general anesthesia where your entire body is numbed, and you are unconscious so that dentists can perform any kind of surgery without risk of patient movement.

    Unique Dental is one of the few places in Parramatta that has approvals to use all kinds of sleep dentistry techniques. We assure that you keep smiling before, during and after dental procedures.

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