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    Root Canal Therapy Guildford

    Professional Root Canal Treatment In Guildford

    The Procedure of Root Canal Treatment

    Root canal treatment involves the removal of tooth pulp which is infected from the tooth and then sealing it for the protection from future tooth pain and infection spread. It is basically a sure-shot dental procedure with multiple steps.

    In Guildford, generally, dentists follow a set of steps for the treatment to provide relief from the pain. A root canal treatment is comprised of the following steps:

    • Examine
    • With an X-ray, dentists in Guildford extract the exact problem and area where the treatment is required. X-rays project a clearer picture of infection and its spread.

    • Numbing-up:
    • As the very first step, a local anesthetic is applied to numb the area which diminishes the pain of procedure throughout the process. This makes easier for the patient to hold and co-operate with the dentist. Also, to keep the area dry, a rubber sheet is placed around the infected tooth.

    • Drilling in:
    • After the sedation, an extra hole is drilled into the mouth with the help of specific tool and all the infected roots and pulp tissue are pulled out from the mouth. This makes the gums, teeth and mouth infection-free and even safe for the future.

    • Closing Out:
    • In Guildford, dentists generally provide the temporary filling after removing the infected material to minimise the root canal pain on the same day. The hole which was drilled in access is covered with the filling material. Sometimes a customised crown is applied after a few days on the tooth to seal the filling from future decay. This crown is generally made of rubber compound which is safe for use.

    • Final step:
    • In Guildford, the root canal treatment is complete with a crown which ends the root canal pain completely. Some dentists also put the temporary filling to give time to infected material to get drained out completely. The whole process is tedious but essential and requires few dentist visits for the completion.

    This is not the end and you can’t be careless regarding the oral care. Even you need to be extra careful after getting a root canal treatment done. A crown over the top of the tooth is just after the treatment. Dentists in Guildford emphasises on the crown and frequent visits to dentists for timely x-rays and cleaning process.

    We at Guildford offer the best root canal treatment examining it considering all angles and provides you with the long-lasting relief from pain.

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