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    Unique Dental is known for its unique care for delivering early orthodontic treatment for children, teens and Adults in Guildford. Our practice is friendly, welcoming, we treat our patients in a professional, caring, and delicate way. We utilise the most up to date, progressed orthodontic strategies to ensure, delightful smiles for our patients. Orthodontics is an area of expertise and a field that is one of a kind in human services. It is a science that requires strength training yet, also, requires inventiveness in accomplishing superb results. Our orthodontist are specialists in straightening crooked teeth. Our dentist can fill cavities and encourage you to floss, and our orthodontist can help straighten crooked teeth or misaligned jaws.

    How we are different from others

    • We are regarded to best solution for your orthodontic needs.
    • We realise you have numerous choices with regards to your orthodontic treatment.
    • Well known amongst our community for giving the most astounding quality orthodontic consideration for youngsters and adults in a warm, comfortable and friendly environment.
    • Many of our patients are kids of past patients who return searching for similar quality outcomes they had when they were young.
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    If you are suffering from any of these, then you may be a patient for orthodontic treatment:

    Underbite —a “bulldog” looks where the lower teeth are excessively far forward or the upper teeth excessively far back

    Overbite, now and then known as "buck teeth" — where the top front teeth lie excessively far forward over the lower teeth

    Open bite —space between the gnawing surfaces of the front or potentially side teeth when the back teeth chomp together

    Crossbite —when the upper teeth don’t descend somewhat before the lower teeth when gnawing together regularly

    Spacing — spaces or holes, between the teeth due to missing teeth or teeth that don’t “top off” the mouth

    Misplaced midline—when the focal point of your upper front teeth does not agree with the focal point of your lower front teeth

    Crowding —while there are an extreme number of teeth for the dental edge to oblige

    Our team

    Our group of an orthodontically trained dentists in our Guildford clinic are experienced and exceptionally talented, offering a full scope of dental medicines with extraordinary interests in orthodontics, Invisalign, inserts and corrective dentistry. Our benevolent and proficient gathering group upholds the dental group. We are altogether dedicated to giving local families the best dental consideration in a modern and welcoming environment.

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