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    Teeth make our smile beautiful; thus, it is an essential part of our body. So, to keep appearance of our teeth looking good we need a cosmetic dentist! A cosmetic dentist usually enhances the appearance, making them look whiter and well defined. The biggest issues our clients have is stained or yellow teeth, whitening or bleaching is a great solution, but this needs to be discussed with our cosmetic dentists to ensure this is the best option available to you.

    In cosmetic dentistry, the focus is on dental aesthetics like shape, size, color, alignment of teeth, general we can say the whole focus is on smile appearance.

    What dental treatments are recognised as cosmetic dental?

    Cosmetic dentistry treatments are not just for improving oral health but helping to enhance the appearance of your teeth. It will also help you to restore tooth functions.

    • Teeth whitening - our cosmetic dentist incorporates various innovative methods of teeth whitening technique to brighten your smile without the hassle. The products we use are highly reliable, the techniques are performed daily worldwide basis and are non-invasive.
    • Composite Bonding – To enhance the strength of chipped teeth, cracked or discolored teeth, a procedure where an application of tooth colored composite resin to your teeth to repair the damage.
    • Composite veneers – our porcelain veneers are specially designed to act as an alternative to tooth enamel. It is made of a thin and hard shell of some reliable tooth-colored material that may reveal several dental imperfections.
    • Porcelain crowns – Generally, porcelain crowns look like veneers and can replace your damaged teeth with smart looking crowns. Most individuals prefer crowns over composite veneers due to its flexibility.
    • Porcelain Bridgework – It’s a dental technique used regularly in our Guildford clinic to replace any of your missing teeth with natural-looking teeth.
    • Dental Implants – It is a kind of root canal techniques which is used to renovate the root section of any missed tooth. With the dental implant techniques, you can replace your entire tooth. Unlike dentures, which are also called false teeth that you can easily remove, dental implants are artificial teeth anchored to your jawbone with titanium rod like screw.

    Choosing Your ideal cosmetic dentist in Guildford?

    Choosing a cosmetic dentist can be a bit overwhelming task if you have multiple choices. However, you need to ensure that cosmetic dentist you choose is highly skilled, experienced and has positive feedback. Besides, a cosmetic dentist is required to show you some before and after pictures of their patients.

    On top of that, you should get the reference and feedback from their patients as well. You must verify their certificates and make sure that they keep proceeding any dental courses to update their knowledge in clinical dentistry. We are amongst the leading dental clinics in Guildford. To get more information or schedule a consult, contact us now!

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