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    Unique Dental has some of the best and highly qualified sedation dentists in Guildford. We are known for our commitment to provide bespoke dental services to all our patients. We offer the best care and comfort of our patients by providing them with a very cohesive and tranquil environment. Sedation is often used by us during our dental treatments. Especially when the patient is anxious and not mentally prepared to withstand the pain during the treatment. Sedation dentists in Guildford are highly trained to address such patients and give them sedates accordingly. The dose of the sedates depends upon the treatment that one is undergoing as well as their vulnerability.

    Sedation dentists in Guildford strives to comfort the patients and make them feel more relaxed. The sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry only relaxes patients and does not completely make one unconscious. The sedation is given to numb the area of your mouth while performing a dental procedure. Unique Dental makes sure to discuss the entire procedure with the patients before sedating them.

    The effect of sedation may vary depending upon the dosage of the same. Generally, sedation dentists in our Guildford clinic use a nasal maske to sedate the patient. Sometimes, our sedation dentist may also prescribe an oral sedative along with the instruction about how and when to take it the oral sedates also helps to reduce anxiety and relax the patient.

    When is Sedation dentistry required?

    One usually seeks for a sedation dentist in Guildford under some given circumstances:

    • If you are skeptical and phobic with regards to the dental treatment and procedures
    • If you had a bad experience related to dental treatment or work
    • If you have a sensitive oral nerve
    • If you are suffering from acute dental pain
    • If you have anxiety disorders and panicky nature

    Our team of professional sedation dentists in Guildford are experienced and have the skills to helps you to overcome all your fears and combat your dental problems. Dental sedation is often provided while providing different types of dental work such as root canal, implant, bridges, tooth extractions, dental crown etc.

    Unique Dental is one of the leading family dental clinics in Australia. We aim at comforting our patients and providing the best possible service. The years of experience and professional expertise in this field makes us one of the leading sedation dentists in Guildford.

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