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    Acquire pleasant Teeth & Stunning Face

    Gone are the days when a chipped tooth with unpleasant appearance was unnoticeable. Nowadays, both adults as well as teenagers, are frequently approaching dental clinic to ensure their oral healthcare is maintained. For the past few years, cosmetic dentistry has become more popular. Backed by dental experts with highly advanced skills and knowledge, we have established a luxurious and robust infrastructure, where all our dental professionals work together with the commitment, and dedication to provide better dental services.

    Many dental clinics in Western Sydney area are still using traditional dental procedures which helps maintain your oral health and you can maintain good overall health. Meanwhile, cosmetic dentistry incorporates the latest dental implant procedures which will do many things from healing your oral issues to completely uplifting your appearance simply by restoring your damaged teeth. To be short, cosmetic dentist in our Western Sydney clinic can enhance the confidence in the way you look.

    What Is a Dental Implant?

    • In our dental practice, we recommend a dental implant for a heavily damaged root. Generally, orthopaedic surgeons are using titanium screws for aligning joints and bone fracture reconstruction.
    • Our dental implant treatment usually takes 4 to 6 months, and It varies depending on the condition of the tooth.
    • Once the dental implantation is over, you will feel comfortable with the natural-looking teeth that are placed over the new root.

    What Is the Tooth Implant Procedure?

    The tools and techniques that we use in our clinic is a simple, easy and uncomplicated process. It makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while lying in the dental chair. Our calm and pleasant atmosphere will boost up your mind, and you can freely discuss any concerns with our cosmetic dentist.

    First, you should approach us, call to schedule an appointment with our dentist in West Sydney clinic. We will then provide you with a range of treatment solutions. If you don’t have broken or chipped teeth, we will let you choose other simple less invasive cosmetic dental choices. Once you start the consultation process, we will assist you throughout the stage of oral treatment.

    We do an analysis of your entire oral health including the structure of jawbone, gum health, medical history to make sure that you are the right candidate for dental implantation.

    During our next visit, we place the dental implants wherever required.

    • As soon as the dental implants are healed, we measure the size for a permanent restoration.
    • On the day of surgery, we place the implants.
    • Once the dental implants have healed, we size for the final restoration.
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