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    Dental Implants Parramatta

    Revitalise Your Entire Tooth with Implants

    Have you got any missing teeth due to trauma, decay or minor injury? Speak to our professional cosmetic dentist to get your teeth implants without hassle. The dental implant tools and techniques that we are incorporating at Unique Dental in Parramatta is quite easy yet compelling and provide a one-stop solution to this issue.

    What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

    Losing a tooth can impact the way you bite food. Once you lose your teeth, the chances are that the surrounding teeth will start moving into that un-used space. As a result, you will feel discomfort while biting hard foods. It causes severe pain while chewing, or you may have more headaches or other dental issues. Removing teeth when it is decayed is not just a good option, but perfect solution is dental implants to fill the gap.

    Are Dental Implants Better Than braces?

    • It comforts you while biting foods as you don’t have to take braces in & out of your mouth.
    • Dental implants are permanent & feel natural.
    • The best option for those that are missing multiple teeth.

    Dental Implant Reconstruction

    For individuals that have missed or decayed teeth, reconstruction is quite possible to retain aesthetics and functions of teeth. After our dentist consults this issue with you, we will plan to make surgery if required.

    Things we might need to do are;

    • Involve sedation
    • Remove all Your teeth
    • Place a few dental implants where required
    • Make it a temporary bridge

    After undergoing surgery, we can opt to make the temporary bridge permanent. Having a permanent bridge is a great option for those that hesitate to wear braces and dentures.

    With the advancement in medical technology including milled restoration, guided surgery, and latest surgical methods, dental implantation in Parramatta, is possible.

    Do Dental Implants Look Natural?

    The titanium screw that we implant under the tooth is completely safe and perfect. It looks natural. Dental implant steps that we follow are;

    • Our dentist creates a perfect model of your tooth using some 3D imaging software, or they can take a valid mould of your mouth which ever you choose.
    • Once the mould is made, it will be sent to the lab where a new tooth is then custom- created.
    • You can discuss with our professionals to get the mould customised perfectly to give it a more natural look.
    • We ensure that the shape, shade, and contour of your gum feels perfect.

    A cute smile enhances your confidence & self-esteem. If you want to get your smile renovated, contact Our Unique Dental in Parramatta.

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