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Unique Dental: A Trusted Name for Orthodontic, Braces & Implants in Merrylands

Unique Dental promises comprehensive oral health to its patients. We strive on providing you with various oral treatments to preserve your smile and oral well-being. These treatments include implants, braces and orthodontic services for our clientele in Merrylands. Depending on the specific needs of our patients, every service is provided with perfection.
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Unique Dental has a flawless history of fitting these small titanium based screws in the jawbone of our patients. We place them perfectly in the jaws to serve as platform for missing tooth. Our implant services are available for:

  • Single Tooth Placement
  • Multiple Teeth Placement

We take special care to use only pure titanium based implants. We understand the risks that are involved in the use of a cheap quality implant with impure titanium material. Unique Dental ensures that these implants are fixated in a flawless manner to serve as the root of artificial teeth. We don’t want our patients to suffer from any unwanted pain or loose implant, so complete care is taken to make the placement solid & steady. So if you have recently lost teeth due to an injury or oral aliment, Unique dental will provide you with an implant that will revive the beauty Of Your Smile.

Unique Dental: Best Place To Get Braces In Merrylands

Our professional staff of dentists is available to fix our patients with Orthodontic solutions. They are fully qualified and experienced in straightening all kinds of crooked teeth. We are aware of the fact that each of our customers has its own needs when it comes to braces.
We offer orthodontic solutions to resolve various teeth problems like:

  • Uneven Chewing Problems (E.G. Overbites, Cross Bites & Under Bites)
  • Clustering Of Teeth
  • Unusual Gap Between Teeth

Patients with such dental problems have to undergo the process of orthodontics for about a year or two tentatively, depending on the condition of teeth. In the meantime, our dental staff will check the progress. Improvements will be closely followed during regular visits. Necessary changes in pressure can be made to meet any specific requirements.
We guarantee to flawlessly align your teeth with help of various kind of braces like:

  • Ceramic Tooth Colored Braces
  • Conventional Metal Braces
  • Clear Invisible Plastic Braces

Unique Dental is committed to fix your teeth for a life time. We embark on confident smile and healthy eating of our clients. For this purpose, even after the removal of braces, retainers are put on the teeth of patients. These retainers enable stabilization of gums and bones matching to the newly perfected positions of teeth.

Don’t be Afraid of Nerdy Look! Try Invisalign Orthodontic

Great leaps have been made in Orthodontic technology and now you don’t have to look a geek for a year or two, in order to get your teeth fixed. Invisalign Braces or otherwise known as

“Invisible Braces” can help in resolving your teeth related issues without anyone noticing those metal braces.These braces made out of plastic and transparent material produce similar results like conventional braces. Our expert dental staff in Merrylands is proficient in this latest type of orthodontic as well.We can assure you a seamless alignment of your teeth with a great ease of use. We ensure that throughout the process of teeth alignment, no fungal or other germ related issue harms the overall oral health. For this purpose, we advise a routine checkup after 6-8 weeks to our patients.

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