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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Pain-free Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Merrylands

Unique Dental: Impeccable teeth extraction facility

Unique Dental offers teeth extraction services with an assurance of perfection. Teeth extractions are always considered a painful procedure. As a result, people often live with the discomfort instead of extracting the tooth causing it. However, there are higher risks involved if affected teeth are not removed at the right time.


Unique Dental has vast experience and dental knowledge when it comes to wisdom teeth extraction. These teeth are an asset for chewing. However, if your jaw is not broad enough, wisdom teeth can become a source of immense pain and infection. In such cases, wisdom teeth removal is required.

Unique Dental offers appropriate advice after thorough consultation and if deemed necessary, a tooth extraction can be performed. There are several scenarios in which such a removal is advised:

  • Wisdom teeth not growing out completely – this can create a breeding ground for bacteria that leads to swelling of the jaw, severe toothache and potentially infected cavity
  • Wisdom teeth causing crowding – this can result in bite issues
  • Wisdom teeth pushing sideways out of the gum – this can create ulcers
  • Irregular wisdom teeth can cause cysts – these can injure the bone and roots
  • Improper growth of wisdom teeth can disrupt the adjoining teeth

How a wisdom tooth extraction is performed in our clinic?

In order to provide you with top of the line dental facilities, we use well planned procedures. Wisdom teeth extraction involves the following:

  • An X-ray to determine the best procedure for your tooth removal
  • Local anaesthesia injected for a painless tooth extraction
  • Small incisions made to fully expose the tooth and adjoining bone (depending on individual cases, some parts of the bone may also be extracted)
  • Proper cleansing to ensure no fragments are left in the mouth or incision point
  • Stitches applied in cases where incisions are large
  • Proper blood clot ensured

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