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Root Canal Treatment

Best Root Canal Treatment In Merrylands

There were days when the only solution for a damaged tooth was to remove it entirely. Well, those days are gone. Unique Dental offers you the option of Root Canal Therapy. This cutting edge dental treatment replaces the need for teeth extraction. Root Canal Therapy involves removing the nerves and dental pulp entirely from the internal structure of the tooth. Afterwards the hollow space caused by this removal is filled with appropriate material and the tooth is capped off.

Painless Root Canal Therapy

What triggers the need for a Root Canal Therapy?

A normal human tooth has distinctive internal anatomy. The internal structure of a tooth is called the pulp. The pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels and adjoining lymph material. Sometimes a dental pulp is exposed to infection usually through a cavity or injury. A damaged tooth tries to heal itself and the internal immune system makes its best efforts to get rid of the infection on its own. If the body fails in stopping the infection, the pulp can either die or it causes severe pain.

Why you should opt for a Root Canal Therapy?

There are some major benefits of Root Canal Therapy performed by our expert team in Merrylands:

  • Perfect alternative to teeth extraction because an extraction can lead to the misalignment of adjoining teeth
  • Retain your original tooth instead of needing an implant
  • Painless procedure (you will be administered with local anesthesia)
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Little time required – only two visits

Patients who undergo a Root Canal Therapy sometimes complain about irritation for a few days following treatment. Unique Dental will prescribe you appropriate medication to make your after-therapy recovery comfortable.

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