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Unique Dental: First choice of thousands for crowns & bridges

If you have missing teeth concern you due to your appearance or ease of chewing, then speak to our dentists about a crown & bridge placement. We can help you smile confidently, eat whatever you desire, speak easier and improve the health of your adjoining teeth.

Trusted service for crowns

Crowns are placed on top of a decayed tooth for flawless cover. They are mostly used when there is a:

  • Cracked Tooth
  • Damaged Tooth
  • Broken Tooth

Apart from improving the look of your smile, crowns can also safeguard your tooth from further wear and tear. Crowns are especially useful when there is no room for a filling, for example, where a tooth undergoes a significant fracture. A crown can also be used to fill a large cavity, be fitted after a root canal for extra strength or to protect teeth from grinding and acid erosion.

Unique Dental has qualified dentists who are highly experienced in placing crowns. We have served hundreds of clients over the years.

How is a crown placed?

Unique Dental has expert dentists who follow strict criteria in crown placement. Proper care is taken to successfully complete each step.

  • Appropriate consultation & analysis of tooth condition
  • Cleansing or removal of damaged portions of tooth
  • Re-shaping of tooth with hygienic dental equipment
  • Impressions taken for crown preparation
  • Impressions used to prepare impeccable crown at laboratory
  • Temporary crown fixed in patient’s mouth
  • Temporary crown removed, outer surface roughened for better placement of dental cement
  • Crown placed in the mouth

Unique Dental provides you with a great many choices when it comes to the material of the crown used in your mouth. Materials can range from metal alloys fused with porcelain to gold!cro2

Building successful bridges

A typical dental bridge consists of several false teeth. These false teeth act as a cover up for a row of missing teeth. Dental bridges help in minimising gum related pain and other oral complaints including misplacement of adjoining teeth that can arise if dental bridges are not used on time.

Depending on your needs, our highly experienced dentists can place the following types of bridges with ease and perfection:

  • Traditional bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Maryland bonded bridges

Our dental bridges are guaranteed to last at least 10 years with proper care. Ceramic dental bridges are also available.

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